Happiness Actually costs two grand

About 2 months ago, my hubster and I decided that since we had a 3-year-old girl it’s about time we start to really take a journey to Disneyland. We decided that the best thing would be to go during the hottest and most busiest time of the year since it is REALLY the best thing to do for a pre-schooler.

But I think luck is on our side because we are already from one of the hottest part of the country… Tucson, Arizona.

I’ve only been to Disneyland once when I was 5 and Jas has been in high school.

I vaguely remember Disneyland at 5
I have some shady memories about the trip being really hot, in the back of a camper without AC.
I also remember the submarine ride where an octopus is clinging to a shark. I remember thinking
How is that the octopus came so close to shark?
I do wonder how much my child will remember. Probably nothing. Maybe she’ll remember… you never know she just might be one of those wonder kids who have photographic memory and be a genius.
My only hope is that we have a wonderful time and not kick ourselves for spending so much on this one trip. I’m going to give full disclosure on the actual price of Disneyland for a family of 3 along this trip. It might actually keep me on budget so I don’t go home in debt and with my tail between my legs. I am pretty sure my mom had like a budget of $20 after the park tickets. She’s a woman of wonder.
I am going to try to get this Goofy picture remade with my daughter except she’ll be wearing a purple jumper and I bet they’ve updated Goofy quite a bit.
Today’s goal is to book a hotel that is still walking distance of Disney for under $100 for our first night, Sunday.
Current costs:
  • 1 European Antipasto, 1 All American, 1 Junior All American Box = $47.97  (6/30/11- We decided to get priority seating for the World of Color show by purchasing the picnic meal. Which we can pick up by 11:30 AM on the day of the show and eat it for lunch that day instead of waiting until 9:30PM to eat it.)
Total= $2,019.56+$47.97= $2067.53

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  1. yeah! #1 el numero uno. fantastic, fascinating funny fun!

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