Here we go…. AGAIN.

I’ve had several blogs and I always start out with the same idea. I’m going to gain this crazy cult following and it turns out that the only people who read this is my family and maybe a few dedicated friends who probably mainly feel sorry for me that I’ve used up so much of my dedicated life to blogging.

I’ve had a knitting blog and a running blog and a group blog and been part of blogs. Let’s just say,  I’ve been around the blog world. I think why they haven’t really stuck is A) there is no readership and B) I have more important things to do than to sit around and try to stoke my own ego by writing about myself under the delusion that I actually matter to strangers who also have better things to do than to stroke my ego.

Finally, I think what I lack is a focus. What shall my focus be? Because people just don’t read blogs, just for the fun of it. For now, let’s focus on Disneyland.


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