Always wear your rubbers (gloves I mean! Dirty minds!)

I am going out of town on Sunday to Baltimore for a week. I return on Saturday, sleep in my own bed and then it’s off to Disneyland! So freaking excited!

I realize that I only have 2 full days to finalize the plans and tie dye for the trip. I originally thought that I would do some tie dye shirts with my daughter for a summer activity and I ended up not wearing the gloves because I needed to manipulate the rubber bands and forgot to put them back on. My hands were dyed for days.

When I told people that I was tie dying shirts and more than one person asked me if I was doing it for Disneyland. I said “no”!

And laughed a little to myself thinking,  “who would walk around in matching tie dyes.” And then I saw THIS,  and then I watched this and then I was “pretend shopping” (when you put things in your cart and then take them out later because you really don’t have money) on etsy and found THIS. And then my friend, Big Diva went to Disneyland and they had matching tie dyes so…

I made some Mickey tie dye shirts AND I bought us all matching Mickey shirts. So 2 out of the 3 days we will be a set of matching yahoos in Disneyland. The Happiest Place on Earth I guess also is THE MATCHYIEST PLACE ON EARTH. It’s the idealism of it all.

I picture my family… with The IZ on her dad’s shoulders, Mickey Ears on head (I’ll force her to wear it all day just to live up the fantasy) and Mickey balloon tied to her wrist and all of us frolicking around the castle entrance laughing and eating ice cream, nice and neatly. WEARING MATCHING TIE DYE SHIRTS!

Darn you Disney Advertising! You got me.


Kids tie dye shirt=$4 (Target)
My tie dye shirt= $6 (Target)
Hubster’s shirt= $5 (Michael’s)
Tie dye kit= $9.95 (Michael’s)
EXTRA gloves=$3.49 (Target)

Total= $28.44 for 3 shirts (this is actually a deal considering I bought a shirt for myself with Mickey on it for 15 bucks!)

Total=  $2067.53+ $28.44= $2095.97


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