Revenge of the Yahoos

The tie dyed shirts came out wonderfully… I wouldn’t expect anything different from myself (patting self on back). I was really afraid that the mickey heads wouldn’t come out and they would look all wonky but it worked! I think my hubster, Jas was truly impressed as well.

Since we are leaving on the 24th of July, to drive the 8 hours 17 minutes… according the Google Maps (BUT WHAT ABOUT THE PEE BREAKS!) we won’t have much time to do anything in Anaheim so I booked us a “cheapy” hotel for that night.

It’s a Quality Inn so I am not expecting the worst but it’s no Doubletree. I love Doubletree. I am pretty sure simply due to fact that you get cookies…. mmmmm…… cookies.

I have a few concerns about hotel. The first being that if you aren’t impressed by the photos you probably won’t be dazzled when you arrive. In fact, it probably smells worse that you thought and the pool is probably out of order and filled with green mold much like the scene in Revenge of the Nerds (2? I think). The nerds have to stay in a hotel that also houses chickens and a curious asian man who can outburp the disgusting nerd. I feel like this might be a rung above that hotel.

I know what you are thinking, why book there? Well, I need to save money so I can spend more on those Mickey balloons. You know, the ones with a mickey balloon inside another clear balloon. I’ve done some research on said balloons and “the forums” are saying they cost about 6-10 bucks!!! Seriously? That’s half a skein of good sock yarn and socks last much longer. Please pray that I only buy one balloon!


1 night at cheapy hotel (better than Revenge of the Nerds)= $100.61

Total= $2095.97 + $100.61= $2196.58


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Janet Holiday-Yellowhair says:

    Good job Tia! I really wanna try but I’m still tryna work up the courage! lol

    1. tialei says:

      Work up the courage to go to Disney or make shirts?

  2. Jackie A says:

    Why are you “mad” at Michael’s?

    1. tialei says:

      Because they sold me a cheap-o shirt that doesn’t hold tie dye well.

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