Denial is DEFINITELY a river in my house

One of the most helpful budgeting ideas that I got from one of Izzy’s care takers is to gather all the things Disney in your home and take it with you so they have toys already there with them and they won’t want to buy anything in the stores. In my mind, I would assume that it also links the toys to the experience.

As a mother of the year, I do try to limit my child’s television viewing by only having a TV that receives whatever is already free and can be watched with ‘rabbit ears’. In the beginning years, I thought that I would NEVER let my child watch TV and I would have a child reading by 2.

Turns out that I also fell prey to the lure of a quiet hour or two that comes from a 3 year old chilling on the couch with a bowl of blueberries (<—–see! I am a good mom!), her blanket (it only had a little bit of pee on it) and Ice Age 3 (which of all her movies I have a problem with due the fact that the chronological timeline is all out of whack with dinosaurs and Woolly Mammoths roaming around together. Also the fact that the dinosaurs aren’t really REAL dinosaurs) but back to the real problem.

In my failed attempts to shield my child from the devil television, I didn’t think I bought too many Disney items. I thought she would be toting around her Rapunzel doll and sipping from her Tiana cup but that would be it…

The dress up items

Holy Cow! Turns out we have a whole table worth of stuff. 2 princess dresses (not the mention the whole box of dress up items and another princess dress that I purchased from Target). The Tiana dress is the $50 dress from the Disney store BUT i bought it on clearance for $25. Her Wonderful Mema bought her a princess lunch set. She has two of those snowglobe cups.

In my infinite wisdom, I thought to myself, “I’ll BUY her some souvieners from Wal-green’s for cheap and give it to her along the way in the park.” I KNOW… I KNOW! I bought her a Belle Glitter Ball from The Disney Store, A Tiana light up bracelet from Wal-Green’s, a pair of Princess Goggles also from Wal-Green’s. And finally a Heimlech stuffie on clearance from The Disney Store.
The shirts


She also had 2 Princess Frog purses, Slinky Dog and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, 4 shirts (2 Rapunzel and 2 Mickey- not including her Tie Dye), a Rapunzel doll, 4 pairs of Disney themed

The "extra' clothes

undies (probably more with the ones in the wash),  A Tiana crown also from The Disney Store on clearance, a Rapunzel swimsuit and night gown, Pair of light up Princesses tennis shoes, Princesses flossers.

This doesn’t include the toys that might be lurking in her “storage box”, Tinkerbell Jammies, Princesses blankets and pillows, Disney games, Mickey towels… I don’t think my Camry has enough room 😦
I feel ashamed… I don’t think she needs ANYTHING from Disney when we go.
Maybe a Mickey balloon.
Glitter Ball: 5.99
Heimlich: 4.99
Tiana Dress: 24.99
Mickey Towel: 8.00
Tiana Tiara: 5.99
Tiana Light up bracelet: 3.99
Princess Goggles: 3.99
Total: $57.94
Total= $2095.97+ $57.94= $2153.91

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