Polyester Leisure suit stays home

Packing for a vacation kinda stinks for girls. Vacations mean vacation pictures which mean tons of times when I will be photographed hot, sweaty, grouchy and in the same clothes in dozens of pictures. Clothes that I take on this trip must be:

1) flattering to the “apple shape”
2) cool  insulating and keeping me cool as if I was in an air conditioned environment and not a drop of sweat on my entire body whilst not breaking Rule 1.
3) be trendy enough to NOT look like a mom who just rolled out of bed in her sweatpants and Wal-Mart tshirt that says “hot stuff” while adhering to Rule 1.
4) comfortable enough to stand or sit for long hours.
5) Roomy for food opportunities.
6) Impervious to stains and spills.
7) Mildly Disney themed.

Any thoughts? Remember… I must own it in my closet… at this very moment.


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