The 2nd day cool down

(updated 7/27/11- I did some editing and added more words for smoothness and pressed that little word check box)

This is the 2nd full day at the Disney Theme Parks and my crew has taken a hit. They are silently snoozing behind me curled up into little neat balls. Technically this is our 2nd full day but I’m blogging about our first full day.

My "wolf pack" sleeps

The agenda off of the Excel  spreadsheet (don’t laugh) that I made said that were to eat at 7Am with Mickey and Friends, see the Princesses while Jas got us Fast Passes for Star Tours and/or Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters. Then hang out for the Nemo Ride, buy some ears and ride the monorail back to the hotel for check-in. After a few hours of unpacking and chillazin’ by the pool we would head over for dinner at the Rainforest Cafe at 5:30PM. Then back into the park after dinner for Pixie Hallow, Astro Orbitors, see Rapunzel and ride Peter Pan’s flight before closing down shop with the 9:30PM fireworks.

Some would say that scheduling only gives you headaches. There are few people who truly know my power of scheduling and moving in a crowd. Jas is one of those people. He knows that I plan and he just wear comfy shoes and holds on for dear life.

And so he did! We were able to get to everything we wanted to for Day 1 plus more! I have to do a blog about pieces of the trip since there is so much to remember and say.

We began our foray into the Disneyland Resorts in Paradise Pier… Mickey’s PCH Grill for our first character breakfast.

The food here was delicious. It was an upper end buffet with the tastiest for me being the banana french toast cubes, Izzy of course went for 5 strips of bacon. There’s a reason we call her the “baconator”. And Jas was throughly enjoying everything, but really enjoyed these little guys… the Mickey Mouse shaped waffles! So adorable and delicious which means Izzy won’t touch it just admire them.

Mickey Toast

The Iz was especially scared of all the characters, Mickey, Max and Stitch. They would come over since were the 1st ones in and try to give her hugs but she would start to cry and stand behind us. Any parent who has experienced this feels slightly embarrassed because who would force their child to love a character? I’ve seen my share of forced photos of little kids with either a frightened face or a parent trying to bribe their child into hugging a character. Leave the kids alone. Let them do their own deal. And then the Character Buffet bill comes… $74.33! The Iz better get some character loving.

Of course they are all trying to win her over, Mickey comes and makes peek a boo faces, tries to “talk to us” and blows kisses. Max makes goofy arms and pretend laughs. But The Iz gets won over by Stitch doing this:

Stitch Hiding

And that’s how the Iz was won! More later, off to California Adventure Pt. 2.


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