The First 24 hours

We arrived in Anaheim yesterday and stayed at The Quality Inn and Suites. We checked in after 3PM and got settled so we could go swimming and grab some dinner. We weren’t really into going out and hunting down food so we decided to have food come to us via The Pizza Stop (or something similiar). After a few miscommunicated parts of the order, we finally communicated to each other that I wanted a number 1 (salad, pizza, spaghetti, garlic bread and drinks- Jas wanted some wings as well so we ate wings as well). This was WAY too much food for our family.

Not too shabby for a 26 buck meal for three of us when really it could feed 5-6 people. I felt so bad letting it all go to waste but it was the smallest combo.

The room was a very small room and I am totally glad that I didn’t have to stay there long because we were the closest to the parking lot so we got tons of traffic. The staff was helpful but I won’t recommend it to any of our closest friends. I would however recommend it to those of you who may have slighted me in some way because right around 9:30PM, you will be doozing off for a restful sleep when suddenly you hear a BOOM!

At that point, you do as I did and think that someone either a) had a nasty spill down the stairs smashing some very strong bones or b) that someone was fed up with the hotel and threw all thier luggage down the steps to “make a point”.

Boom! Boom! Cheering… Boom! Boom! Bang!

Bang!?! Oh no! Is that gun fire? Is that what a semi automatic sounds like? Is someone doing a drive by? This is California after all!

More bangs and booms! Then I remember how stinking close we are to the actual Disneyland and realize that it’s just the fireworks exploding into the air multiple times and for several hours.

Ahhhh…. I guess 2Pac really doesn’t know all about California Love. It’s not about gangsters! It’s about scaring tourists with fireworks.

Tomorrow: Why are all the clothes in the Quality Inn’s bag damp?


$26- meal
$5- tip

Total: $31

Total= $2153.91 + $31 = $2184.91


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