The Wonderful Service at Disneyland

Disneyland is based off the premise of guests instead of customers, they believe in making everything up to the best standard it can be (They actually take time to make everything as if nothing is out of place.) and their business model is so well known they sell videos about the Disney Model. It focuses on both guest and cast members needs. Even the word “cast member” evokes the feeling that these people are all putting on a show (not in a bad way for us).

They are definately living up to that standard for us.

I was worried that shelling out twice and in some cases triple of what it costs for a room across street would bite me in the butt. Let me tell you about Raul.

Being a first timer to the Magical Kingdom is severly overwhelming. It’s alot like going to the airport when you only fly once or twice a year. You wonder if you are going down the right terminal and you try to look like you are confidant when really you don’t know what the heck you are doing. What are these machines to check you in at? Do I choose 1 bag or 2 bags? Does my carry on count? Are they still making people put toiletries in a little Ziploc bag? Same with Disneyland…

 Which way is the theme park? What time does it open? What’s a Fast Pass? It’s free? Are you sure? Oh, you want me to go through the turnstyle but you want the stroller on that side? Are they going to question my water bottles?

Thanks to all our cast members that are making our stay wonderful.

Like Raul who gave us a very special “pity” ride on his golf cart from Paradise Pier right to the entrace of Disneyland.

Raul lets us hitch a ride

We only had 2 dollars and a bunch of 20s so we tipped very poorly.

We also met Marlynn during the Rapunzel wait who I asked, “Any helpful tips for a family of first timers?” I was having a good time with my Mickey ice cream so, she said,” just keep having fun and being easy going… it will all come together.” Then she told me how I looked like I “already had it handled because so many people stress out and get angry which doesn’t get them anywhere. I told Marilynn that I appreciated that piece of advice and told her to “keep cool”.

The next day we ran into Marilynn at Pixie Hallow where she told Tinkerbell that we were her friends and got a few extra special moments and pictures with Tink.


Then there was Mike and Rubi who helped me recover a spilt popcorn. I was totally bummed when Izzy spilt a whole carton of popcorn on the curb near the fireworks watching area. Mike was asking “What’s everyone waiting for?!?” and being the smarty pants I am said, “I’m waiting for someone to come a refill my popcorn. He snatched the carton from my hands and got a refill for me! AWESOME! Rubi was nice enough to sweep up the popcorn we spilt and vouched for our mess to the popcorn vendor.

(photo of Mike here)

Then on Day 2, a gracious hostess named Yvonne at Ariel’s Grotto was seating us and she was notfying everyone that they were only seating outside and after a hot day, it was a little damper on my parade. But, she said that she would “see what she could do to get us seated inside” and Voila! Seating inside!

Thank you to all the cast members that make this such a special place. It makes our time here wonderful and most of all magical.



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