Save the photos for when we are beat down

After Raul gave us a ride to the park, we started into Disneyland.

There are several photo opportunities when you first enter the park, the big Disneyland sign between the parks.

The Mickey head in Disneyland that is made entirely of plants is also a fun area for family pictures.

Finally, there is the photo in front of the castle.

My motto for photos was, “We’ll do that later.” We have a schedule to keep.

First up, Jasper goes to get us Fastpasses for Star Tours and Astroblaster.

—————————–Jas’s Fast Pass Account————————————

Fast Pass Distribution

I made my way through the crowd, which was mainly for Star Tours, and found the entrance for the standby line and the Fastpass return line for Star Tours.  Where was the Fastpass thingy?  What did it look like?  Was it a counter or a booth?  Finally I found a Cast Member at the starting line for Astroblasters.  I asked her where the Fastpassess for Astroblasters were, and she said there are none for Astroblasters but there were available for Star Tours.  She pointed to a line near the exit of Astorblasters and I got in line.  The line was quick and I got to a row of Power droids (below).  I watch the person ahead of me insert his entrance passes and receive a Fastpass for each entrance pass he inserted.   So I did the same and got three.

———————end of transmission————————————-

Izzy and I made a beeline for the Fantasy Faire at the back of Fantasyland. Izzy wanted to

ride all the things along the way. So did all the other kids. Not me! I’m not going to wait in line for characters. At least not a 30 minute wait. I kept pushing along. Passing by Dumbo, teacups and Peter Pan. I was slightly tempted to hit up “It’s a small world” early since I really remember parts of that ride when I went 25 years ago but I quickly put it out of my mind and kept pushing.

I got to Fantasy Faire and…

I fought the sign but the sign won!

They don’t open until 9AM. Why don’t they make that totally apparent when I planned this? I don’t know. So time to ad lib the schedule. I decided to stay close so I would be near the front when the princesses showed up. I’m sure the princesses just need more time to primp since they ARE princesses.

We took in some Storybook Canals which are miniature versions of the characters homes.

Cinderella's Setting

Not bad for a first ride, not sure Izzy knew what was happening since it was our first ride. I noticed the boat operator was wearing a lanyard for trading and I knew that I wanted to try to trade next time I saw a shop.

The best part of the ride was the part when you ride through the whale mouth and seeing Cinderella’s setting.


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