A note on strollers

At this point, I’d taken Izzy in and out of the stroller maybe 4 times for the rides, breakfast, potty breaks so I decided…

I’m not going to keep strapping her in and out of the stroller for every few feet we went to the next ride. We went from ride to ride buckling and unbuckling… wasting time.

I made the unfortunately parenting choice to not buckle my child in and when I was maneuvering through the sea of people, I accidentally ran into a woman in front of me. The jolt made my child go flying into the payment.

I was so embarrassed that I froze and my child’s hand was stomped on by a very apologetic man. Izzy was crying because she was on the ground and her hand was smashed but I kissed it better and told her that she was going to be okay since the Dumbo ride was right there. She got better instantly.

This decision seems to be common with parents of good intentions, I mean who really wants to be strapped in and out in 85 degree weather to wait in a line? No one. Not even pre-schoolers.

I am not alone either before you go reporting me to CPS for being negligent with my choices of child restraints. My dear friend, once took her sons to Disneyland and also spilled her poor child into the street when she hit a curb.

Just some little notes on strollers:

Here’s a mom who wrote about her experience with the Disney rented strollers: http://www.mouseplanet.com/akrock/akrock2.htm AND I would like you to take note that she advises parents NOT TO LET YOUR CHILD RIDE WITHOUT RESTRAINTS. Okay…. okay.

So after my experience, I thought I would add a few thoughts about strollers at Disneyland.

Stroller Trios

Most people tell you to bring your own or else you end up with one of those turquoise beauties above. Having one of these poses 2 main problems: they all look-alike and you can’t take them back to your hotel room which is a HUGE problem when you have a sleeping preschooler inside.

Well, we were smart and brought our VERY OWN stroller:

The Begay Stroller

Which looks JUST like the Disney strollers so in the sea of strollers that are at Disneyland is not a good thing so if you bring your own, make sure you bring one that looks different from the ones already there OR do like we did, buy a Mickey head balloon for a bargain and attach it to the stroller. Then buy a big annoying cup like this one:

and place it proudly in your stroller.

Our stroller is a comfort stroller: pricey but comfy. We recline it for Izzy when she’s asleep. It has a small basket and no real cup holder so we bought one but the navigation is awesome and the 360 degree one hand rotation is fantastic. It did it’s job minus being small and easy to carry.

Umbrella strollers are great for the park because you can easily take it on the Disneyland Railroad and the Monorail BUT there is no under storage or cup holders and when your bag gets too big you can’t sling it on the back of the stroller without your kid inside because it’ll tip over. Also your kid can get hot without a cover.

Joggers- I’ve seen many parents bring their joggers but they are BIG and bulky and hard to manuever in a crowd but you can’t beat the storage and comfort.

4 wheelers all in one- I am sure that parents LOVE these strollers that stroll infants, babies and preschoolers alike but they are so huge that they act more like a battering ram through crowds getting people angry all over the place. That’s why they have stroller rule: NO STROLLERS IN LINES.

and there was one maniac pushing one of these monsters:

The Monster Truck of Strollers

For the love of Dumbo! This thing probably has to park in the “SUV” stroller parking lot. Not easy to manuever. Needs heavy man power and takes up 2 lanes of parking.

Check out what parking usually looks like:

The Stroller Parking Lot

Which one are the Disneyland strollers? hmmmm….

See the way they are nicely lined up? While I was in the park, I’ve heard many a parental units yell, “Our stroller is not here anymore!” Then a polite cast member lets them know that they may have moved them into a neat line. That’s the person’s job! To make the strollers nice and neat! How awesome! I always found my stroller thanks to the red Mickey balloon and the big green Rainforest frog but it was always straight and nice. THANK YOU DISNEYLAND for keeping our strollers in line. I was truly impressed.

NOW back to regularly scheduled blogging.

By the way, I learned my lesson:

Wow! look at those parents who strapped their child in securely! They are good parents.

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