And now (Trumpet Announcement) THE PRINCESSES!

Time for the Princesses!

I knew that this princesses would get long quickly so we got in line 20 minutes before they were to open. Notice that I’m being economical in the park by drinking my Red Bull that I brought with me into the park. And please don’t notice my “apple shape”, I swear the humidity added 50 pounds.

Izzy is also wearing her Rapunzel dress. We only brought 2 Princess outfits with us on this trip: 1 horribly expensive dress (26 bucks) and the economy Wal-Mart Rapunzel Dress (20). Her Rapunzel dress was well-worn and ragged around the edges but at least I washed it before I left Tucson because if I didn’t, it would have totally had Eau de Urine wafting off of it.

Whatever you do, don’t buy your Princess Dresses here.  Disneyland knows the consumer TOO well. It’s freaky how well they know us.

Many of the big rides like Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters and Star Tours actually comes out into a store where you can buy all the memorabilia you want. BUT with the Princesses you can go in BEFORE you see a princess so you can BUY your outfit BEFORE you see the princesses. Or you can buy one of those autograph books.

There were about 10-15 parties ahead of us. This princess store picked off 2-3 families before they got to the princesses. Which lost them their place in line and cost them close to 50 bucks (I bet!) because you can’t just have the dress, you have to have the crown and the shoes and hair stuff and you can’t have them walking away without the autograph book and a face painting.

My favorite parties were the ones in front of us who asked me several interesting questions:

“Do you think they sell beer around here?”

“What’s this card for?” (They were referring the Photo Pass card which you give to designated photographers at key places like the Disneyland Entrance and near the castles. Then you go online and enjoy the photos and buy overpriced coffee cups.)

“So you can’t take your own pictures?” (Yes. You can. You can even get the designated Photo Pass photographers to take the photo for you! At least let them do a Photo Pass as a courtesy.)

“Do you think California Adventure is too far for a beer?” (Yes, especially since you are on the literal opposite side of the park.)

“Do you think they will let you bring beer into the park?” (No, they won’t unless you hide it really well. But then you’ll be offending the very delicacy of the princesses!)

There were several princesses in line: Lots of Cinderellas, 2 Tianas (Princess Frogs), 1 Ariel and 3-4 Rapunzels. I feel bad when there isn’t equality in the princess count because I’m sure those actors also keep count. And just to let you know Rapunzel is a clear winner followed closely by Cinderella.

Keeping your 3-year-old entertained

After 5 minutes of waiting patiently, the game for parents quickly becomes how can keep this kid close by and contained and happy. So prepare yourself for games like:

What’s in mommy’s hand?
Do you want to sit on Daddy’s shoulders?
Where’s (insert child’s name here and cover child’s head with a sweater)?
How many leaves can you pick up?
Adventure to the bathroom.
Adventure to the tree.
Adventure to the snack place. (All these adventures happen with one parent holding onto the child and the other parent setting up ‘base camp’ in line.)

And thanks to the cast members at the Princess Fantasy Faire, another game was introduced “How many stickers can we stick on this paper crown?” I avoided this game by hiding the stickers like a good mother who wants good pictures with the princesses. So my child has a plain crown.

After a pretty short wait, it’s just that the waits seem much longer with a child under the age of 10. Our turn has arrived.

Let me remind you that this is the part of the trip that was most anticipated for me. And let me remind you that I’m close to the end of a certain 28-32 day cycle of womanhood.

Once we turned that corner… I started to bawl. So much so, that the Photo Pass people TOOK a picture of me! True story!

Tears of Joy

I was so happy that my daughter got to experience Disneyland and that she was enjoying it. I thought of how happy she might feel to meet all the people she’s seen in movies. I thought about how exciting it was to be here with a family who was as excited as I was. You wait and wait as mom for moments like this. It also helped that the actor who was Belle was amazing with children.

Belle and Izzy

In my mind, I thought the Fantasy Faire would be a large walkway with all the princesses wandering around smelling flowers and talking with each other. But I guess that wouldn’t really work. The Faire is actually 3 different photo ‘studios’ with a princess in each one and a Photo Pass person waiting. The princesses take a few moments to ask your child questions like:

How old are you? (child silence) Mom: Say 3, Izzy.
Do you like Rapunzel? (child silence) Mom: Say yes, Izzy.
Did you eat breakfast with Mickey, Princess? Say yes, Izzy.

Then you take your photos and move on to the next princess.

Ariel and Izzy

Ariel: Do you like to dance? Mom: Say yes, Izzy.
What’s your name? Mom: Say Izzy, Izzy.
Where are you from? Mom: Say Arizona, Izzy.

and then you move on. To…

Tiana or "Princess Frog" and Izzy

OUR MOST FAVORITE PRINCESS! Izzy calls her “Princess Frog”. She sees her and tries to run up to her while the “beer” group is taking photos. I have to grab her and keep her contained. She wanted to hug her immediately. At that moment, I realized… I should have put her in the elaborate Princess Frog dress 😦

Izzy: Princess Frog! Princess Frog!

And then it’s over. We are lead into the Princess Shop where:

Izzy after the princesses

I end up shelling out 4 bucks for a magenta crown.

THEY GOT ME! I’m a sucker for my child’s wants.


NOTE: Two days later we are riding the Disneyland Railroad and I notice that Mulan is the final “princess” so I think they rotate out the princesses there. I would try going back another time to see if others show up. 


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  1. Tawnya Begay says:

    I love your blog!! How fun! I can’t wait to take my kiddos to disneyland too!!

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