Let’s take inventory: Day 1

The agenda said this:
  • 7Am with Mickey and Friends- DONE
  • see the Princesses while Jas got us Fast Passes for Star Tours and/or Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters- Half DONE, they don’t give Fast Passes for Astroblasters.
  • Nemo Ride- line is WAY too long AND our FastPasses for Star Tours is at 10:40-11:40
  • Buy some ears- That’s up next
  • Monorail back to hotel for check-in- ummmm… it’s way to early, barely 10:30.
So far so good, we are pretty ahead of schedule around here.
Money check:
We did buy the family photo at Disney PCH grill: $32.27
We used cash for one of those reusable cups with the handle:  $6.99 non-refillable
The princess hat: $3.98
Tip for Raul: $2.00
Total: $45.24
Total= $2184.91 + $45.24 = $2230.15

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