The deceptive DUMBO

The Dumbo ride is classic Disneyland. If you don’t ride it, you aren’t missing much.

I’m sure you’ve seen it in tens of Disneyland commercials. With wildly happy families riding together, laughing, smiling, wearing Eddie Bauer clothes, the Dumbo ride a hard attraction to miss. Who wants to ride the “flying elephant”?

Don’t be fooled by promotion pictures like this:

Wildly Happy Mouse Couple

Or this:

Wildly Happy Rock and Rock Family

Or this despicable show:

Wildly Happy Songwriter and Supermodel

The Dumbo ride actually produces reactions like this:

Wildly Happy Navajo Family

And your child will actually have this reaction:

Wildly Happy Izzy

If you don’t ride the Dumbo ride, you aren’t missing much. YOU ARE MISSING EVERYTHING. It’s such fun for the whole family. Moms love it because you are actually living the advertised happiness. Kids love it because they are flying in the air. Dads love it because they get to make the elephant go up and down. It’s true, you actually control the Dumbo! We didn’t know that. If you want to fly high the entire time, you can do it.

And remember… Advertising IS sometimes true… not like Photo Shop.


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