The teacups: short and quick, the way that Disney likes it

It's a crazy spinning party over here

Alright back it up! Turns out we went to teacups before “The Wild Stroller Free Fall ride”.

This is a classic ride that everyone has to try. Since we arrived so early, we hopped right onto the ride with zero waiting.

We did just eat breakfast and most guides recommend that you DON’T RIDE AFTER A LARGE BREAKFAST. Well, those “experts” obviously don’t know me and my family. We scoff at rules and recommendations.

We got into the cups with gusto. Izzy enjoyed the ride. Jas said he got a little dizzy but I was expecting a little more spinning. I guess Disney downgraded the spinning:   😦 for you Disneyland. I wanted to hurl my 70 dollar character breakfast all over the periwinkle cups. Not really.

Does this look like the face of a barfer?

Iron Stomach

By the time we got the rhythm, it was time to stop. Quick (as in time) and slow (as in motion of cups).

My favorite part of the ride is the “roof” where it’s laced with lights and watching the other people try to spin faster than us.


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