Ear Wars

The force was strong with the Star Tours ride. THE ONLY WAY to ride this ride is with the FASTPASS. The line for the FASTPASS are over by the Astroblasters. Sometimes I would hear angry parents find out that they were in line for a FASTPASS instead of Astroblasters. That’s when you wonder, why don’t people ask questions.

Star Tours is AWESOME! Even with the FASTPASS you still go inside to wait about 15 minutes but there are things inside that make the wait bearable like this robot there who’s kinda funny.

Scanner Robot

He “scans” and people make funny faces into the scanner or they are amazed at how warm their face looks.

One of his funniest jokes was “The current wait time from this point is 75 minutes.”

This lady in the stand-by line freaked out! She said, “Oh-no!”

Then the bot says, “Just kidding, it’s right around the corner.”

LOL. Well, I did LOLIMH (Laugh out loud into my hand)

Since Izzy was shy of the 40″ height requirement. Jas and I have to take turns going inside. You can do the parent pass off but I don’t like to have Izzy just waiting until I get off the ride because it’s just asking for trouble.

While Jas was inside, Izzy and I took on the Astroblasters.

I'm totally going to beat you Izzy!

Astroblasters was definitely one of our best rides. The line is short and the pay off is big. I really wanted to beat my score every time and Izzy loved looking and trying to blast some of the targets. The above photo is from the 2nd time we went because this 1st time, I didn’t know what those screens were for. I thought they were for scores and I wasn’t too interested in them yet because I needed to race to switch off with Jas for my turn at Star Tours.

Izzy was Level 1 the whole trip

Jas came back and he was excited. So I was excited, I heard about this ride. It had over 50 different combinations of ride so the chances of you getting a new sequence every time is high. My friend Dedee’s family also really enjoyed it so I had some high expectations for this ride.

Alright! Seat 1 in Row 1

I got to sit in the first row! When the doors opened up, it turns out that Row 1 is actually one of the lamest seats and I was all the way over on the right side so all the people in front of me were messing up my view.

But even in the crappy seats, this ride is so fun! It’s like a roller coaster and a 3D movie all together. What’s even more fun is they choose someone from the audience to be the stowaway rebel and they post their photo on the screen before you start. I think they choose someone from the middle rows.

We got the space ship crashing into our face in this showing. I would totally just ride this ride on FASTPASS all summer long.

When you are leaving this ride, you exit through the Star Traders Gift Shop. SNEAKY DISNEY! After that fun-filled ride, I really wanted something Star Wars-y so I looked around.

I thought about a shirt with Yoda on it that showed how he too did not meet the height requirements like Izzy.

But I have really think about this, who will get the reference? Readers of my blog? Jasper. AND where would I wear this shirt?

Sometimes while in theme parks you get carried away. You think this is best thing ever. It’s like those Yoda backpacks that some teenage boys were wearing. When would teenage boys wear that after Disneyland? I’m sure it impresses the ladies.

So I passed on the shirt and bought something much more practical and that I could wear over and over again:

Mickey Mouse Ears!


Mouse ears 11.95
embroidery 3.00
Pen 3.95
Mickey bracelet 5.95
Mug  9.95
Star Tours shirt (Jas’s) 24.95

10% off coupon used

Total: $58.28

Total= $2230.15 + $58.28 = $2288.43


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