Monorail and Pin Trading

The Monorail

It was about 2PM at this point, Izzy and Jas had eaten lunch and I had my fill of whatever vitamin the sun gives off, I think it’s Vitamin K.

I knew that our room would provide nice cool shelter, a break from the crowds. Check-in was at 3PM but I was hoping that they would say, “Sure! We have your room ready for you.”

I was also really excited because my mom, Izzy’s Mema had purchased a ‘Welcome to Disneyland’ basket for her and I wanted to see Izzy’s reaction.

Izzy is totally checked out

As you can see, I’m still in awe… I can’t believe I’m actually here. I worked hard to save and prepare for this trip and it was actually here! I don’t think there really was much that could happen to distract me from my happiness.

Once we got off the monorail, we were mere steps, well at least less than 100 steps away from our hotel.

The monorail trip to our hotel entrance in green

Maybe a little more than 100 steps but it was very close. If you wanted to Monorail to literally drop you off at your steps then you should book in the Adventure tower. We were in the Frontier tower super close to the pool and Trader Sam’s.

We put Izzy into the stroller and within moments she was asleep.

My friend Dedee was right about kids being out for an extended amount of time. She slept soundly even after we went through the check-in process in the hotel and through me stopping by the Pin Traders to get my free lanyard and Commemorative Pin.

Ariel Pin

These came free in a little coupon book that we got for booking with the Disney Travel Company. One for each of us. It also came with a little vinyl pocket to keep our park tickets but I had my “purse pack” that was a little more secure. From here on out, you’ll see that Izzy and I are wearing our lanyard.

Pin Trading is actually a really fun way to commemorate your trip to any of the Disney Resorts. You can trade with any Cast Member wearing a black lanyard covered with pins. You take one of the pins you own and the cast member HAS to trade with you as long as they don’t already own the pin.

So, our family all started out with those Ariel pins. I knew that I would keep mine because it was the first year California Adventure had the Ariel attraction. But if Izzy wanted to trade her pin I would let her.

I am jumping ahead of myself but later that night I purchase a set of 7 pins. I chose 3 of the pins and Izzy got 4 of them. I got 3 because I already bought myself a Stitch pin for my work lanyard.

Our first pin set to trade

Now we can customize our lanyard based on our first trip. I may not hang onto my first collections. I ended up with Donald, Minnie, and Dale. Izzy got the rest.


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