You may not pass go or collect Rapunzel pictures

After our trip through the Galaxy, our time in Tomorrowland had come to a close and right about the perfect time too because after 10:30 hits it’s much like spawning because there is a current of people and you have to push along to get to your destination. My tip would be to stay out of here the rest of the day unless completely necessary, like to ride Star Tours all day long. Or to play Astroblasters.

The only photo of the Railroad ride

Somewhere along the trip we took a 20 minute ride on the Disneyland Railroad which has stops in almost every land. We left our stroller near Fantasy Faire and rested our tired legs and cooled down a bit with this lengthy ride.

I am firm believer in mixing it up. Fast ride, show, food, slow ride,  repeat throughout the day.

Before the railroad we either came out from visiting the princesses or took a break from Tomorrowland.

Either way, this is one of those nice time killers between FASTPASS waits and shows/parades. There are some surprises along this ride that made me appreciate all the details put into Disneyland.

We stopped by the Tangled line to find out what time Rapunzel would be “on duty”.

Me: “Excuse me. What is the wait time for Rapunzel?”
Cast Member: “an hour and a half.”
Me: “Seriously! Wow. I’ll come back later.”
Cast Member: “Ma’am. It’ll be that wait the entire day.”
Me: “Crap! (no offense Cast Member!)”

Jas and I reviewed our strategy. Well, Rapunzel is Izzy’s most favorite Disney character. She dresses up like her and sings the songs. She pretends that her long hair is Rapunzel hair. I decided to take one for the team.


Me, at the very end of the Rapunzel line

The plan was that Jas and Izzy take King Arthur’s carousel while I hold down the place in line.

That line was only 10 minutes long and they were on in no time. After some research, every horse on this carousel is unique and hand carved! Izzy rode the one called “Screaming Eagle”.

While my family rode in a magical circle, I was lucky enough to meet up with some hormonal teenagers who kept groping each other and taking some pleasure in french kissing. You know you were once a teenager too. I did smell some drinks on them and they had some suspicious red faces but who am I to judge, I’m a 31-year-old mother wearing mouse ears.

15 minutes into the wait, they ask me, “What ride is this line for?”

Me: It’s not a ride. It’s for photos with Rapunzel.
Drunk Teenagers: S**t! Do you want to wait for pictures, guys?
Me: It’s an hour wait.
Drunkagers: Forget this!

Shortly, after they left the mom in front of me says, “This isn’t a ride?”

Me: Nope!

Mom calls her husband on phone.
“Honey! This isn’t a ride! Come over.”

10 minutes later the husband comes over.

Husband: So you want to wait or what?
Wife: I don’t know. The boys don’t want to see her do they?
Husband: I don’t even think they know who she is. Is it an animal? (LOL- ME!)
Wife: It’s a girl honey. Well why don’t you take the boys over to see if you can see that Star Wars thingy.
Husband: I guess so but I’m kinda hungry and the kids are hot.

At this very moment, the woman should have said, “Okay, let’s get some food and rest and come back later when we are fresher. Instead, everything kinda went into the toilet for this family. The mom got out of line to discuss with her husband. Her kids were starving so they were crying and hot. The dad went off to wait in Star Tours line. Mom got back in line, I let her get her spot back because I’m a good person like that.

Phone rings: (frantic talking on other side which I’m pretty sure had something to do with the 120 minute wait for Star Tours)
Wife: Then just come back here and we’ll go see the Princesses instead and you and the boys can get some food right there.
Me: There is an hour wait for the princesses.
Wife: JESUS! Just for F***King photographs! I’m sick of this park.  (hang up without saying bye to husband)

This poor family lost about an hour and half of life not knowing what to do. This is the reason you have a plan and this is the reason you do Character meals and this is the reason you have a good partner to help you manage.

It was about 12ish at this point. Prime meal time and from 12-3PM is Meltdown mode for many families who realize that they have neglected to make reservations or plan in time for cool down and rest.

Not me! I was holding strong. I had a belly full of popcorn from Tomorrowland. A bottle of water. My family was riding carelessly on the Merry-Go-Round and then they would get some food.

After about an hour and half, we finally got to the front of the line where I chatted with Marilynn, the fantastic Cast Member that I talked about a few posts ago. Then we finally met Izzy’s idol!

Tangled ladies

Don’t let that cool exterior fool you. A few minutes ago, she was amazed with her tower and her hair coming out of the roof! She’s just barely holding herself together.

I also have to finally give myself Kudos here too because I finally got a Princess outfit to match the princess we are meeting. I kept messing it up.

In Fantasy Faire, I should have gone with Tiana but I went with Rapunzel.

At Ariel’s Grotto, I should have gone with Snow White but I went with Tiana. There was NO TIANA at Ariel’s Grotto.

But I’m sure the next time we go, there will be No Snow White and only Tiana.

And finally… we have reached the halfway point of the first day! Time to check into our hotel.



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