Surprises are my favorite!

I love fun surprises and my mom really surprised my family. It really made us feel special.

Izzy was asleep in her bed in a pull up and her tie dye mickey shirt when she heard the knock on the door. The Cast Member brought it in and Izzy was wide awake and saying, “Is that for me? Is that my toys? My toys?”

Here’s her reaction after a moment or two.

I don’t know if you can hear in my voice but I’m pretty close to losing it. I blame it on low blood sugar but really it’s my soft part of me. I really am touched by the thought my mom put into this gift. She really wanted to best for her granddaughter and it made our stay super special.

Izzy and her surprise basket

Moms know this feeling, it’s that feeling that there are actually other people who have fallen so deeply in love with your child that they give gifts to them or remember that they like a certain character or show. It makes you feel like your child is protected by all the love in the world. I always feel this way when people ask me how Izzy is doing or when they come to her birthday parties. Or when they hug my daughter closely and say how much they love her in her ear.

The goodness inside

There was so much goodness inside this basket: a wallet with a Photo Pass card (Izzy swears it’s a “library card”), photo frame that we put a photo of her and Belle inside, stuffed Minnie Mouse, face tattoos, silver crown, autograph book, hairbrush, stickers, activity book, stencils, crown pen and a huge lollipop (that come to a sad end inside the California Adventure bathroom… smashed on the floor into a million pieces).

An even better surprise was the 2nd basket that came for Jasper and I! We weren’t even expecting this one!

Happy Anniversary Tia and Jas

My mom even remembered Jas and I’s 6th wedding anniversary.  It too was filled with goodness.

Inside the bag

Our container was a cooler bag with a mini bottle of water, pretzels, 3 bars of chocolate, a key chain, Goofy lollipops, shortbread, and mickey cheese snacks.

Of course, I’m in tears and could barely holding it together. It’s just my way.

Thank you so much for our wonderful surprises Mom! It really made us feel special.


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