The Disneyland Hotel

With a child dead asleep in the stroller, we made our way into the Disneyland Hotel. Being the planner, I asked Jas to pick up the luggage to minimize waiting. I began the check-in process and the Cast Member asked if I was celebrating anything special. I said, “Not really but it is our first time at the resort and I am super excited.”

Then she wanted to know, “Are you expecting anything special?”

I remember and smiled really big. “Yes. My mom sent a basket for my daughter.”

“Okay, well I’ll check with amenities to make sure it’s sent up right away.”

Our room was the farthest room from the check-in desk since they were remodeling. And even during remodeling Disney’s attention to detail is amazing. Instead of plain old fashion plywood to hide the improvements, they have advertisements for attractions in Disneyland and painted “Disney blue”.

We were in the Frontier tower and our tower was landscaped with typical California foliage, large pines and spruces from northern california. I also noted that even with the pines there wasn’t a pine needle on the ground.

Frontier Tower

This photo is from the pool and you can’t see the pine trees but they are there.  In the lobby, there was a miniature replica of the Frontierland part of the theme park.

Mini Frontierland

The seats in the lobby are leather and cow themed. My tip to people who need a quiet place to rest is to chill out here for a while. There are no stores or anything so the only people who come through are those from the hotel.

The Adventure Tower is landscaped with “jungle plants” and I would be curious to see what they have inside their lobby.

When we finally arrived at our room:

there are even hints of Steamboat Mickey in the background of our room number!

Our room was spacious and comfy. It overlooked a fabulous parking lot BUT at night you could see the lights of Anaheim and watch the people coming and going to work.

There were hints of Mickey Mouse everywhere:

The headboard was the best!

The all wood headboard would light up with LED lights and when you pressed another button under the light, it would play “Wish Upon a Star” in a lullaby.

Jas and I unpacked a little and then there was a knock on the door…


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