The Excel Spreadsheet

I don’t really think you may have believed me when I referenced my Excel spreadsheet.


It’s received some odd looks when we are in line and I’m referencing my schedule. Mind you, it’s not a solid schedule. It’s more of a list of things that we want to do.

I even had one person who was interested in what I would do if I failed at this schedule. I took it as a challenge. My spreadsheets have yet to fail me.

They guide me through the Black Friday Madness.

They help me use data effectively.

They make math easier.

They organize my materials.

And now they have successfully lead me through my trip to Disneyland.

At this point in the day, we had done everything but Pixie Hallow, Nemo Adventure, Peter Pan’s Flight and end the perfect day with the Fireworks show.

It’s only 6:30PM and we only had 3 rides to get to! I had met my goal for day 1. The perfect day.




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