What’s this pineapple doing in my burger?

Izzy was now up and ready to rock and roll. Jas’s feet were tired and I was hungry. I should have known better than to break the eating cycle. Jas and I often mess up this eating cycle when one of us is hungry and the other person gets hungry a few minutes later. I was ready to eat but I was not going to pay out-of-pocket. I needed to use a voucher. Luckily, vouchers are accepted at all Disneyland Resorts. So, we decided to take Izzy out to go swimming and for us to rest up a little.

Izzy loves water

Jasper spent his time wandering around after a giddy 3-year-old. While I spent time trying to place an order at the bar next door.


I ordered the Hawaiian Bacon Cheeseburger and some chips. I also enjoyed some bottles of water and Vitamin water to make it a full 15 buck meal since my voucher was for $15. Since Izzy didn’t eat either, I ordered her the “healthy kids lunch” plus a carton of milk.

I waited and Izzy went down the mini slide.

The miniature slide for miniature humans.

I waited for some more time and ordered a margarita. The margarita came out quickly and I enjoyed it in the sun while watched Izzy and Jas swim and splash.

The Monorail pool

The pool had 2 large slides which were shaped like a Monorail and it was my first time down a water slide.

Finally, my food came and it was 5PM and we had a 5:30PM reservation with Rainforest Cafe.

Since I would be eating in 30 minutes, I decided to just leave the food on the desk and come back to it later tonight. Izzy and I rinsed off quickly and ran to the Rainforest Cafe up the street.

She has chlorine eyes... not tears!

Somethings I really don’t understand about reservations and such. I booked this reservation about a month ago and we still got a cheap seat in a high traffic area. No real animals around us. But, as a rule you should ALWAYS make reservations especially during the summer so that you are guaranteed a spot.

Rainforest is okay for kids but food is meh… and service is meh… and it’s meh.

The service was quick and we had chicken nuggets-Izzy, fish and chips-me and fajitas- Jas. Rainforest Cafes are the same all over the world so we didn’t spend any money on anything other than the food and that crazy cup with a Gecko in the bottom. It really saved Izzy though from dehydration. She wanted water from it all night long.

After dinner, we were ready to hit the park again. Cleaned up and chilled. What could this evening bring?

Total for the meal: $80.88   way over priced!!

Total= $2288.43 + $80.88 = $2369.31

Note: Pineapple in a burger with teriyaki sauce is TERRIBLE cold! Terrible! Giving me the shivers.


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