A Hidden Mickey!

After dinner, it was time to attack our last 3 attractions before the fireworks began.

Staying true to our waiting plan, Jas went to get in line for the Nemo Ride and us gals went on our way. Our first stop was Pixie Hallow, to see if we could meet up with Tinkerbell.

Pixie Hallow is a small area that is built so that it seems like you are much smaller than you really are, since they can’t find fairy sized Tinker Bell actors. Pixie Hallow often has 1-2 fairies including Tinkerbell. The set up is much like the Princess Fantasy Faire, the fairies spent a minute or two asking and responding to questions and then you take a photo with your camera and/or with the PhotoPass photographer.

Turns out that since it was right during a parade Tinkerbell wasn’t there. My theory is that she was in the parade. I didn’t want to hang out there since the Parade was only half-way through.

But since we were there, I took a few photos and luckily I did! I had The Iz sit on one of the mushrooms and check this out:

Hidden Mickey behind Izzy

I have a fascination with Hidden Mickeys. There are Mickey Mouse heads hidden all around the Disneyland Park. The Imagineers and others have made an effort to hid this Mickeys in rides and photos and even movies. They are tricky to find but there are books you can buy. There are apps you can buy. And there are checklists you can find online.

Here’s some examples of the Hidden Mickeys in Fantasyland: http://findingmickey.squarespace.com/hidden-mickeys-disneyland/fantasyland/

I love that Mickey is all around us. It makes me feel like the magic is all around. Thank you Imagineers for making Disneyland such a special place.

P.S. I am also 87.9% sure that I saw a hidden mickey in the Pirates ride on the right hand side where the lily pads were floating.


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