Finding out if Nemo is worth the wait

Luckily, research always pays off. We decided to forgo the parade on the first day so that we could get in our hot ticket items. Jas had been in line for about 30 minutes while we tracked down the elusive Tinkerbell and our Mickey balloon.

We joined him with a 10 minute wait left and we had a really good group of people around us.

Our cool waiting crew

The women in front of us didn’t mind that Izzy was walking in between them killing time and they kept an eye on her while I was looking for Jas to return with a drink.

When we were ready for the next submarine, we checked on the wait time. It jumped from 30 minutes up to 90 minutes after the parade.

Tip: Avoid this ride after the parade even if it’s the closest. Run far away from the close rides.

Inside the sub!

Once were all seated and ready to go when one woman stood up and said, “I can’t do this!”  I am guessing she had a fear of enclosed spaces. It is a tight fit and I did rub legs with my stranger crew member to the right of me a few times but we were old chums by the end. She did tell me that she loved her iPhone as much as I did and that she was disappointed that a salesman who sold her the ‘scratch resistant’ clear coating told her that it would fit back in the case but now it doesn’t. I told her that she was living on the edge.

The Nemo ride does take you through the coral and you get to see some of the imagery that I remember with a few exceptions:

The Totem pole from the fish tank
Dentist diver

And his scuba goggles said, P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way!

Then we went dark and there was real imagery and LCD screen special effects inside the cave areas. My favorite part was when jellyfish were active.

This is a Greener attraction. Instead of paints they used recycled glass to catch the light and the subs are now run by electricity instead of diesel fuel.

It is a longer ride with lots to see inside. It’s a 12 minute ride. So much longer than Dumbo or teacups. We all enjoyed this ride although I really was hoping that the octopus would show up 😦


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