The Amazing Mickey Balloon

Jas was still waiting in line and Izzy and I decided to see if we could find a Mickey balloon. You know the ones with a mickey head in the middle of the clear balloon. Classic Disney!

In order for all my Disneyland dreams to come true, I needed a red one for Izzy. Not pink or purple. It had to be red. I had been had by all those Disney ads on TV. I dreamed of my little girl holding onto a balloon and happily enjoying the park with a happy set of parents. It was coming true!

The Red Balloon

I was especially thrilled that even when the balloon vendor mentioned that there was a Princess balloon, she preferred the Mickey Head.

When I first thought about the balloon in my planning, I thought that it would be a latex balloon that would deflate in a day. But it’s actually a hard plastic clear outside balloon like a beach ball and a latex Mickey Head inside.

The vendor also gives you a weight and an extra long string all for 7 bucks. Not a bad deal!

This balloon lasted a full 3 days and had to be deflated on the trip back through Anaheim because it was blocking our view. It would surely have lasted through the week.

Total= $2369.31 + $7.00= $2376.31


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