Last Stand for Peter Pan

Our final ride of the night was Peter Pan’s Flight. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. What kind of ride was it? Like a roller coaster? Like a 3D movie?

Only time would tell. At this time we had been in lines, out of lines and out of our minds. Izzy was ready for a deep sleep and her parents feet were aching and swollen.

Even with our fatigue hitting hard, we were in good spirits. We even let Izzy hang out with us for a 15-20 minute wait. She didn’t want to check out the shops or go on another ride. She just wanted to be her family. She kept trying to get Jas to wear her crown and had a good laugh.

Turns out you ride a boat through the air. It was one of my most favorite rides. It really was like you were flying through the air. I especially liked the part where you were in the air with the stars all around you. It was quick but exciting.

Izzy was excited to see the crocodile and hearing the clock tick and tocking. Peter Pan is really one of her favorite movies. I would ride this ride again next time.



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