Wishing upon a star


There are rare moments in life. Ones that you live and you think, “I’ll remember this forever.” I knew immediately that the night of the fireworks was going to be one of those moments.

There is just so much to pay attention to, the stunning display of lights, the look on your baby’s face, the look on your husbands face, the sounds all around you. You know at that moment that this won’t be replicated ever. The happiness and the wishes all at once. It’s magical.

I know that one day my baby will be grown up and leaving home. I will be wishing that I was standing in this same spot relishing in her awe and child wonder. I won’t be as young the next time we come back and my baby will soon grow into a surly teenager who doesn’t want to sit on her dad’s shoulders. She won’t want to hold my hand as she crosses the street. I won’t have to worry about pinning her mom’s phone number onto her shirt. She might never want to wear a matching shirt with her mom and dad again. But at this moment, we are all in love with each other.

We watch the fireworks together. We hold hands. We hug each other close. At this very moment, our family is happy beyond belief. And the tears come…

The tears remind me that I believe in magic. I believe in the special moments. I believe that life is good and my family is perfect. I believe that anything can happen.

Thank you Disneyland for a Dream Come True. It was everything that I imagined. The perfect show to end the perfect day.

Good Night

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