Day 2: What’s inside that Gift Horse?

Izzy wearing MY ears!

After a mere 8 hours of sleep, it was time to wake up and head over to our 2nd Character Meal at the Storyteller Cafe in the Grand California Hotel. We were excited to find out what day 2 held for us. We would be spending most of our day in California Adventure.

Izzy took some time to wake up but was ready to go by 7:00AM. We had a reservation at 7:30AM. Unfortunately, it was also our chance for our Magical Morning (one hour before park hours) but my family needed to eat before hand.

Izzy woke up to find that I had bought her a set of 4 pins to trade and they were on her lanyard. She thought that the bottom was for Wyatt (our Border Collie). She kept calling him, “Wyatt! Wyatt, where are you? Let’s go outside.” It was so cute! I had her connect it to my lanyard and then she pretended I was the dog and that’s when the game stopped. I WAS NOT GOING TO BE HER DOG.

Annoying Family who didn't deserve the special treat!

Cast Members in the hotel get to celebrate families in the hotel. They get to decide. They get special treats like autographed photos of Mickey and other things. Well, this family was given the special gift.

Here’s my problem:
A) They cut in front of us in line. We were the 1st ones here and they just stood by the door ahead of us and even when we were waiting in the waiting area, they didn’t say, “Were you waiting?”
B) The kids were fighting over the 2 balloons. I know what you are thinking, “There is only 1 balloon.” That’s because they POPPED the other one :(.
C) After it happened the dad said, “Are there any freebies in there?”  Mom- “NO. JUST a Mickey picture.” Grrrrrr! You should be have been ecstatic!
D) The kids kept saying, “I wish it was a bigger balloon.” MICKEY GAVE IT TO YOU!

Some families are lame! Not mine. Mine is AWESOME. My family should have been the “Chosen” one but I’m not pointing fingers.


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  1. For some people the glass is only ever half full….

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