The Holy Grail of Begay Disney Adventure

After our celebrity sighting. We headed into the park for our 2nd day in the parks. 2 big things were going to happen today. Izzy eats with the Princesses and then we watch The World of Color in the “VIP section”.

After consulting, THE SCHEDULE we realize that we have a full 2 hours of “free choice” time! What should we do? Should we attempt some of the things that we scheduled for Wednesday? Or just see what we can do?

Since it was still early, we decided to head into the Disneyland Park, bypassing the photo opportunities for Main Street USA and the Castle once again. Plus today was “free dress” day, the day where we weren’t matching yahoos and matching Yahoo pictures are the best pictures for photo opportunities.

First up, FAST PASSES for Space Mountain (people wait hours for this one and it’s a classic so we decided to try it out). While Jas rode first, Iz and I headed to see if Tinkerbell was in her hallow. Then we would take in some Astroblasters once again.

On our way inside, we found the Holy Grail of the Begay’s Disney Adventure!

Look who we found!

Mickey and Minnie were also in the Mainstreet USA but we only had eyes for this guy! Remember this photo?

I vaguely remember Disneyland at 5

I am not really sure where this photo was taken but I was happy that I got myself (considerably taller and larger) and my baby who was smaller than I was.

Thank you Disneyland for once again, making dreams come true.


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