Tinkerbell is smuggling Mickeys


I love that word, especially when telling a two separate stories. While Jas was ride Space Mountain, Izzy and I were off to catch the Elusive Tinkerbell.

Izzy loves to make wishes

Izzy made several wishes into the ponds around Pixie Hallow. I love the little boat at the bottom of the picture. Izzy was even kind enough to give a little girl behind us a few coins for her to make wishes as well.

While we were waiting, guess what we passed by?

Another one! Hidden Mickey #2

We didn’t even know until after we took the photo!

While in line, we had heard that Tink was no in yet 😦

Is she ever working?

At least, Iriadessa was ready to work today.

Hard Working Fairies

But our family is blessed and turns out that just as we rounded the corner, Tinkerbell was ON DUTY!

Thanks for joining us today, Tink! Izzy was a little curious about your wings. She made sure she checked back there to see if they were really attached to your back.

I know that Tinkerbell usually answers nature questions that kids ask but Izzy didn’t know what to say other than to ask for an autograph.

Thanks Marilynn for reminding us to have a good time!

Time for me to ride the ride that everyone loves, Space Mountain. While, I do that guess where Izzy wanted to go?

Of course! Buzz Astroblasters!

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