“Spaced” mountain

Still a long line

Okay, don’t get mad at me but I was not impressed by Space Mountain at all.

I guess I’m the new breed of thrill seeker who needs all the bells and whistles. I wasn’t really into all the darkness. I like to be scared out of my pants when I ride a “roller coaster”.

I couldn’t see where I was going, I didn’t want to put my hands up because I was afraid of hitting the beams… if there were any and lose the capacity to use my hands for the next few weeks. I mean I was going back to work in a week and I really like to knit so… no arm raising for me unless I know 100% that I am putting my arms up where there are no overhangs.

I think I was kind of bummed that I wasn’t really sure if it was really a roller coaster of the same caliber as the bigger ones at Knottsberry Farm OR if they want you think that it’s really that big.

I guess all in all I over thought the ride. So let that be a lesson to you all... don’t let your logic get the best of you when you are in Disneyland.


Izzy tried to move this big water ball! I guess they succeeded in getting it to roll the other direction.


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