California Adventure!

Finally, it seemed like this day was 2 days in one! It’s now time to head over to California Adventure.

The Balloon that never stops

One thing became apparent in the walk towards the “boardwalk”. This park was a totally different animal. There was no real way to get to the “middle” quickly. I guess they were doing some remodeling and took out the short cut toward the Mickey Fun Wheel area. So we had to walk all the way around towards the Grizzly Run and “forest area” which was packed!

Our first order of business was the FAST PASS for Soarin’ Over California. I was really excited about this ride because it was designed with an Erector Set and the passengers are lifted up into a dome projection screen AND it has SMELL-O-VISION!

Of course, our designated FAST PASS collector Jas went to get the tickets while Izzy and I made our way through the madness of Grizzly Rapids. There is a huge problem with this:
A) This is a popular summer ride because you can get soaked so there was a long line for that AND

B) California Adventure decided to also place the World of Color FAST PASS here!

So 2 massive lines merging into foot traffic was not a fun place for strollers and Mickey Balloons. Especially, with me at the wheel. I have my eye on the prize and was swerving and twisting around the gawkers.

Finally, we got into line for Ariel’s Underwater Adventure. This is a new ride that just opened this year.

Waiting a mere 15 minutes for this ride!

Since we got in a little before 10AM. We didn’t have to wait at all really. We barely had time to take this photo.

It was a cute ride. Definitely, more for little girls.

Under the water where it's hotter!

Our ride stopped for a few times in the Under Sea portion of the ride. And an announcer said, “Your ride seems to have stopped.” Curious.

It felt like one of those filler rides, you know the rides you use to fill in the time between the big rides. Nothing to really write home about but it was new and we got to ride in a clam.


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  1. laurahartson says:

    i have those very same minnie ears. glad you had fun!

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