Obsessive interruption: THE BENTO

As a mom and wife, I am sometimes expected to pack a ‘healthy lunch’ for my family.

My preschooler does have lunch provided through the tuition that we pay but since they are affiliated with the public school lunch system, they often have the same lunch choices as I do at my work. It is of no fault of the public school system to what lunches our children get since, our food is usually limited to what farms were unable to sell to other companies and with shrinking budgets, our food is becoming more processed.

Many cafeterias work hard to jazz up and provide variety but it is not something that I, as a mom have direct control over.

I do however, have control over what my child takes to school to eat. So I decided to take a little foray into the “packed lunch” but I being the person I am, I decided to try out the bento box method. The bento box lunch is a traditional Japanese boxed lunch. It’s a visually appealing and compact lunch.

You can create characters: http://technabob.com/blog/2008/03/29/super-mario-bento-boxes-make-mouths-happy/

You can create animals: http://culturewav.es/public_thought/90851

Or you can just create:

The family of BENTOS

I created my very first Bento Box lunch for my family on Monday. It is true… I did take time to make it. 25-30 minutes of prep time.

Before you go, “Boo! That takes too long!” Think about how long you take for dinner or lunch you prepare for your family during the weekend. 

My family loved them! They both ate almost everything, some rice left over in The IZ’s box. Izzy’s teacher loved it and my sisters and mom loved it. BUT Turns out not everyone shares my enthusiasm. I chalk it up to me being kind of intense.

I mean who doesn’t love this!

Spam stars on rice, red bell peppers, green melon balls, a strawberry, cheese cubes, an egg on butter lettuce and some grapes.


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