Part 2: Dining Plan in Disneyland

Saturday: Breakfast at La Brea Bakery. We have a coupon for this one, 10% off any purchase. I am hoping for some good coffee here and a bagel for the carbs. THE IZ doesn’t eat too much in the AM so she’ll probably share my bagel and some fruit although, I might just have her eat the fruit we brought with some cold cereal and see if she wants to eat here. Lunch will be TURKEY legs!

disney2 285Holy Cow! I originally budgeted for 2 of these Turkey legs but I think 1 would feed the whole family. Lisa (sister along for the surprise) will have to decide if she wants to brave the turkey legs or find other food. This was definitely a Begay highlight last time. We got this gem from the little cart near Rivers of America. We also had a huge slab of watermelon and a Lemonade slush all for about 14 bucks. Not bad for the whole family.

Dinner: Now here, I’m up and down. Currently, I have the Blue Bayou slated for the meal. But, in looking at the menu, I’m not so sure. It might be the fact that I know my stomach is as flat as a pancake or the fact that I’m not into spicy food at the moment. But, it is on our Disney bucket list since it’s inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Plus, it’s pretty pricey.

Sunday: As usual, we make this a pretty lazy day. Our last day of vacation is always Room Service. And the Room Service at Paradise Pier is sure to have my favorite, the Mickey waffle!

disney2 408

Then we have lunch and dinner on the road. Maybe just lunch since we’ll be stuffed to the gills.

This rounds out our budget, Rough draft #2:

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 2.38.05 PMI’ve increased our total needed at the top for souvenirs, snacks, etc. Not so cheap. I’m sure I could go cheaper but I really like to eat well on trips. Sigh, it’s the diva in me.


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