Rough Estimates of a “Cheapy” dining deal

You know, The Disney Dining Plan had us paying $219 per adult for 3 days and $132 per child for a total of  $570.

On the updated budget, it’s a total of $629 for 3 adults and 1 child. A difference of $59! That is cheaper.

Let’s say that the child meals were the same: $132 for the 3 days. The adults will be paying $166 for the 3 days.

I am prepaying for 2 meals: Goofy’s Kitchen and The World of Color Picnics which I don’t count in the cash allowance that we will be taking.

Wednesday is all on the road time. 1 break for dinner at a fast foodish place, maybe a subway or similar place.

Thursday: 2 meals from our pre-packed meals. 1 breakfast of cold cereal, fruit, yogurt and bagels. I picnic meal which I might consider these little guys, Go Picnics that I can get from Target for $3 each. Dinner will be a sit down meal at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen. I’m mainly looking forward to eating some beignets! Mmmmm…. Which I know Tiana made herself. Well, in my head she will.


Friday:  Breakfast will be at Goofy’s Kitchen, which is a Premium Character Dining Experience which I am assuming means a little bit better than the other Character Dining options. Once we eat at Goofy’s Kitchen, we would have eaten at ALL the Character Dining options so, I’ll be able to let you know what the exact difference between the meals. Lunch will be in California Adventure Park, I’m leaning towards the Paradise Garden Grill to keep it snappy, light and GREEK. Dinner will be the World of Color Picnic, which we enjoyed last year although I was not a fan of the “chilled” chicken so, I think we’ll pick it up 30 minutes earlier to let it warm up a bit before eating.

Jas and THE IZ's Picnic Lunch

To be continued…


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