BEAR DOWN on Disneyland Shirts

The weekend that we plan on hitting up Disneyland is a weekend unique to Tucson, Arizona. Natives of Tucson  get a 2 day vacation to enjoy the rodeo that comes to town. It’s a rich tradition that we Tucsonans take advantage of by taking a quick trip to Las Vegas, San Diego or DISNEYLAND! Since, we are the only ones off we are able to take advantage of low crowd numbers. I’m excited to see what Disneyland has to offer us during this time.

Since Disneyland will be chock full of people from Tucson, I thought it would only be fitting to make Disneyland Shirts that pay homage to our wonderful University of Arizona.


I decided to use the Freezer Paper Method to create this masterpiece. You can find tutorials all over the net.


  • Freezer Paper (Got mine from Wal-Mart)
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Printer
  • Tulip Fabric Paint in Ebony and Azure Blue Metallic (Michael’s)
  • Tulip Silver Glitter (Michael’s)
  • Red long sleeve (Target)

I printed the graphic above that I created using Word. I made the Mickey hat slightly transparent so I could see the Wildcat head under the hat.

I cut out the dark parts of the picture (I put two sheets of Freezer paper together to make 2 stencils at once).

IMG_2604Then I ironed the picture onto the shirt (shiny side down) on Medium heat until the stencil stuck to the shirt.

IMG_2605Then I painted the Wildcat blue and the Mickey Hat black. I let it dry for about 20 minutes while I messed around on Pinterest. Then I added a 2nd coat of paint.

IMG_2606I decided the last minute to try out some glitter to “bling it” up a bit, we are girls after all!

IMG_2607Since I’m so impatient, I didn’t wait until it’s completely dry like the tutorials tell you to. Instead, I let it air dry until it was tacky to the touch and then I ironed it with a piece of cardstock between my iron and the paint. It seemed to dry faster and heat set the image.

Then I pulled that sucker off and VIOLA! BEAR DOWN MICKEY shirts!



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