How to not create crap at Color Me Mine

Color Me Mine is a painting place that I think mainly appeal to moms who want to build memories with their children. We really think it would be a hoot for our children. We envision drinking coffee out of the mugs that were loving painted by our children. It’s all about the memories.

Turns out it can really be overwhelming the first time you go in, especially if you don’t have a plan. Which I didn’t have and now I wish I thought out my options beforehand.

When you go in, you see all these items:

ImageYou can choose cups, platters, frames, knick knacks… etc… etc. You also see some cute ideas that are easy to replicate but I want a true blue original creation.

Moms usually want their kids to create something functional but kids don’t care. They see the ceramic Cinderella and they want to paint that monstrosity ($20 bucks later!).

Here’s how it went:

1) I decide that I want matching coffee mugs for my husband and I.

2) I decide that I want my daughter to paint both of them.


3) My daughter decides that she wants to paint a ring holder. FOR RINGS SHE DOESN’T OWN!

4) I talk her out of the ring holder.

5) I talk her into a heart bowl for cereal? Maybe?


6) We walk over to the paints. Where they show us what 1 coat of paint looks like and what 3 coats look like. We also learn about the difference between coloring on light colors with dark paint and coloring on dark colors with light paint.

7) We sit down with pink paint for THE IZ’s bowl. I realize that if I don’t paint my OWN cup, I won’t have anything to do 😦


8) I decide to paint my own cup, a dark green color with a light pink heart.

9) When THE IZ decides on her father’s cup colors, she wants to paint it pink with a red heart. Not manly, then we go into the bargaining phase of “Daddy doesn’t want those colors.” THE IZ’s argument, “I don’t like blue.” She has a point since SHE is the one painting it, sigh.


This experience is definitely one that you want to plan unless you want to end up with plain jane stuff. There are so many ideas that you may want to preview, like here or even just google “Color Me Mine ideas”. That way when you get there you aren’t looking like a Goober trying to figure out colors and materials.

Here’s some other tips:

  • If you go with a child, be prepared for them to do a lengthier painting piece then you. There was this family whose mom was taking her sweet time with a moose and she kept trying to convince her children that “this was fun”, the kids were done for over 45 minutes. 
  • Children have an interesting color choice palette. To avoid the breakdowns either plan with them ahead of time the colors or let them have free range choice and be OKAY with it. “Oh, so you want to paint the Cinderella’s face green and her dress pink? Sure! I love it!”
  • There are items on display that really have no useful application like the spiderman head. Once again have a conversation BEFORE you go. Example: “We are going to make a bowl for grandma.” When they pick up the Spiderman ask, “What are we here to make?”
  • Know before you go. The cups ran me about $16 each, plus the heart bowl plus the studio fees came out to $69 bucks. It’s a pricey activity but the memories will last a lifetime IF you planned properly.

Overall, it was a long morning with 1.5 hours of painting. We were exhausted but…
Would I go again? YES! Maybe even alone or with a crafty pal.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the outcome?

    1. Tia Tsosie-Begay says:

      In 5 days

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