The Fast and the Furious… the send off

IMG_3751We set off right after work and hoping that we didn’t forget anything. We were actually going to hit the road 8 months pregnant with a 5 year old. Luckily, I brought along back-up, my sister, Lisa.

We set off to get to Riverside, CA before midnight. A little bit of a stretch considering that I had to pee every 3 miles.

It was a quick trip with my noodle falling asleep right outside of Phoenix.

IMG_3764We made it all the way to Blythe when the hunger pains began to hit us. We stopped at a Subway and broke out my Brita water filter water bottle. When I went to Orlando at the beginning of the month, I kept running out of water and the Orlando tap water seriously tastes like they tapped into the swamps outside the ran it right into our room. So to avoid the dehydration problem, I bough this little guy for $8 at Target and it’s been so good, so far. We’ll see if it pays for itself in the park.

IMG_3771We stayed in the Hampton Inn in Riverside, CA. It was a nice, cozy room. Not like the one that we stayed in last summer which ran us $99 bucks and was much less classy.

My daughter always unpacks everything and puts them into the drawers. There wasn’t a fridge but there was free breakfast so, WIN/WIN!

It was an easy night to sleep last night.





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