Peter Pan’s Flight and then, The Cheese Stands Alone

IMG_0073While we were getting dolled up, Jasper left for the first 15 minutes to get the Fast Passes for Star Tours (A Begay favorite!). Then he met up with us in time to see his baby girl become a princess. Then while Izzy took her glamour shots, I had Lisa get in line at Peter Pan’s Flight (30 min wait). We had a minor wait, 20 minutes tops. While there, I took some time to hydrate and eat some healthy food my apple.

You can see the pink bag that THE IZ got from the boutique around my waist.

As usual, we loved Peter Pan’s flight and as usual, I didn’t take photos while inside because I was too engaged in the ride.

Jas, Lisa and Izzy then headed over to the Star Tours area to use their Fast Passes. While I slowly made my way around to Space Mountain for another set of Fast Passes for the family of 3 and another one for Star Tours. Since, pretty much anything that requires a Fast Pass is a no-no for soon to be moms, I just get 3 and a spare every time.

IMG_0075Meanwhile… inside Star Tours. I guess this what they saw. I was pretty sad at this point because Star Tours is also my favorite ride! But, I got to spend some time in the bathroom, shopping around and getting my GLOW with SHOW ears!



In retrospect, I should have used this time to sit down and rest a little but I didn’t and now my ankles are paying for it.

Tips for moms who have to wait while “the cool kids” ride the Star Wars ride:

1- Sit down near the exit of the Star Tours ride inside the gift shop.
2- Make a list of souvenirs that you may need to buy for people so you don’t forget them.
3- Find the smallest lollipop on the candy stand because all the kids want one of those rainbow ones. $3.75 for 2 oz.
4- Use the bathroom.
5- See if you can drink all 16oz of that water bottle so you won’t be paying for it later.
6- Locate the next family ride in the park and see if you can get in line there while waiting.
7- Eat more food!





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