The Boutique Experience

We had a 9AM appointment…
We were stuck in traffic, moving 10MPH. I watched my cushion of time dwindle from 1 hour to 30 minutes to 0 to late. I hate being late, I hate it when people are late. It’s a sign of respect to be on time. I made my appointment at 9AM ahead of time so that I could be on time.

IMG_3776I still had to get my park tickets since the Get Away Today people had only sent me confirmation numbers. Sigh! I guess I got spoiled by Disney Travel when they sent me my park tickets ahead of time because I was all like, “See you later suckers!”. That was last year, this time I was all like, “WHAT”S TAKING SO LONG PEOPLE!” So your annual pass isn’t working because you borrowed it? Too bad!

Then I overheard something that made me feel better. A parent team with 3 children was already having difficulties! They were arguing over who should get in line for the tickets and who should get in the admission line. The mom kept saying, “I don’t want to be separated! I won’t know what ride you want to ride inside and we’ll never find each other!” The father was telling her that, “It will take forever to wait in that line and we should cut our losses and wait ahead of time.” That makes sense.

That brings me to one of my golden rules of crowds (ex. Black Friday, Disneyland, etc):

1) Always divide and conquer when possible.
2) Everyone should have a job and a purpose so there is smooth communication.

Jasper and Lisa were already in the admission line and I got the tickets.

As soon as we hit the entrance, we skipped the photo-op for later and rushed into the park. It was 9:10!

There were characters already positioned and plenty of people waiting for pictures but I know that they will be there again on Sat. I’ll be back.

IMG_3785Thankfully, Disneyland is so into customer service, they held our spot for 15 minutes! Yay! We had originally planned to do the Courtyard package, $89.95 since she already had a Cinderella gown.

BUT, she is so loved by others that she was able to get the CASTLE package, $189.95! She saved up $80 on her own and received the rest from birthday gifts. What a lucky girl.

IMG_3789The first thing you get to do is choose your princess. Then they take you into the dressing room where you put on your dress. They give you this cute little pink backpack to put everything into.

IMG_3805Then you meet your Fairy Godmother in Training who transforms you by:

  • Brushing and styling the hair
  • painting the nails
  • putting eye make up on
  • blinging you up with some face jewels
  • And showering you with fairy dust.

I was so happy to see my baby’s dream come true, I was a blubbering fool while the whole thing was happening.


Then they take some beautiful photos of your child with the pumpkin carriage and the sweet animals.IMG_3811And then…

you cry again! Every mom needs to see her baby so enthralled even if it sends you to the poor house!

Sigh… where was this when I was young?

Thank you so much!

Leia’s BFF, Jordan
Auntie Kendra
Mema and Pop-Pop

Leia had a wonderful time!







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