Character Courtesy

On our way to check into the hotel, we were walking through Main Street USA and came upon a Character switch up. This is when either characters are switching out or when characters are on their way out. Characters don’t usually walk long distances, they are near prime locations and near a “Cast Member” type entrance. They come from the secret underground Disneyland city.

Here’s a list of Fab 5 Characters and locations we’ve noted them:

Pluto- Main Street USA circle seen with Goofy

Goofy- Goofy’s Kitchen (Obviously) , Main Street USA, Buena Vista Street with “Plaid Goofy”

Mickey- outside of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, Surfin’ Mickey (PCH Grill), entrance to Disneyland park near the Flower Mickey

Minnie- Minnie’s Fly Girls in California Adventure, Minnie and friends Character Meals, Main Street USA

Donald Duck- Outside Ariel’s Grotto as “California Mickey”


When a character comes out, watch the “Character Cast Member” who accompanies them. There is a human who watches out for the characters, they are the ones who either move the character through the crowd to get them to the actual destination or gets people into a designated line. If you are in the wrong area, you will end up at the end of the line. Observation is key here.


Gone are the days of Characters frockling around the park and those ads are lies. During busy weeks, you won’t see them skipping with your child L. They are in areas and there are lines to see them.


And the Princesses? Forget about them just wandering around, they are so popular that they actually have a designated meet and greet across from “It’s a Small World.” they switch out princesses between 2 groups, I call them ‘A Team’ and ‘B Team’ Princesses. There are some princesses that grace every princess merch out there and there are some that make rare appearances due to lack of popularity. We were so lucky to be able to meet the A TEAM!


Today, we were able to see Pluto come dancing out of the Main Street Character entrance and Goofy was on his way toward the entrance.


Which brings me to an interesting note, there are many, many, many people who cannot tell the difference between Pluto and Goofy! I thought this was crazy when my friend told me that her husband kept calling Pluto, Goofy. Over and over, I heard people say, “Hey! Look  its Pluto! or is that Goofy?”


Need a hint? Pluto doesn’t wear clothes. Goofy does.


Pregnant Notes:

  • Try to pose with your belly to the side so you can show your future baby all the fun characters they meet in the belly.
  • Chalk it up to Pregnancy Brain but I forgot that darn autograph book almost every time! Have someone remember for you.

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