Hunger PAINS


Last time, we bought Disney dining which allotted us a character breakfast every morning, plenty of snacks and meals.
We got so good at using the voucher system that we were able to end the last night of a 3 day dining meal plan with $50 in vouchers!
We also were able to use 2 snack vouchers as a whole meal for a family.
This time we paid all out of pocket and we were much more discriminating about the type of food we eat and how much.
We spent time planning out where and what to eat beforehand. Even down to the types of snacks.
We had waited too long and my child was in full break down mode.
We had made our way to Redd’s Rockets for pizza which Stacie told me, they had a good portions. Too bad I wasn’t in the mood for pizza.
Izzy was hungry but as an attempt to limit her intake of fast food, I choose salad and spaghetti as a choice. She chose spaghetti. She threw a fit about the cheese on her spaghetti and the type of milk.
What did we learn?
1- The pizza salad is reminiscent of the Eegees anti-pasto. Very large for an 8 month pregnant lady.
2- As soon as your child is hungry, it’s too late. Breakdown will commence.
3- A slice of pizza per person and a shared salad is more than enough food.
4- A large soda is way too much for a lunch because then you won’t finish it for Space Mountain.
Overall winners and losers of the food game Day 1:
Picnic to Go: Portable lunch especially the salami one! Everyone loved these, portable and just enough snack to go around.
Cotton Candy: Who doesn’t love the stuff?
Ralph Brenner’s Beignets: It’s like fry bread with sugar. Eat while hot!
Popcorn: We got a box every night. My daughter and husband are addicts.And see that little R2? He’s coming home with us.
Redd’s Rockets: I’m sure the pasta could be better. 1 slice of pizza is not enough for a full sized man but too large for a 8 month pregnant lady.
Ralph Brenner’s Red Beans and Rice: Way to spicy for me. Wish I had less beans and more rice.
Losers- Redd’s Rocket’s breadsticks: It’s like eating a rosemary cardboard roll.

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