The Fast Pass


After lunch, my family took on Space Mountain right near Redd’s Rockets while I went to the bathroom, picked up Fast Passes for Autopia, got in line for Nemo (30 minute wait) and drank more water.


Fast Passes are essentially an appointment or a virtual place holder for the popular rides like Space Mountain and Star Tours. They are simple to use:


1- You get 1 Fast Pass per park ticket at a designated time.
2- You must use your park tickets to redeem the Fast Passes.

3- They are free!

4- You will still have a minor wait for the ride.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your Fast Passes:

1)   As soon as you hit the park, send someone ahead to pick up the fast passes.

2)   Prioritize the rides you want to ride in case they run out of the passes (example: Radiator Springs is so new and awesome that all the cool kids want to ride it. We arrived at the FP line an hour after opening and the FP were about 75% out because our return time was 7PM. That means that at 7AM when the park opened up time frames from 7AM-8AM were out, 8AM-9AM were out and so on and so forth… by noon ALL Fast Passes for Radiator Springs are out! The only way after that point to be able to ride the ride is to stand in the Standby line for roughly 105 -120 minutes)

3)   At the bottom of the Fast Passes is the time that you can collect your next set of Fast Passes. Example: 11:20AM on the example.

4)   Fast Passes do expire. This is new. Before, as long as you had a Fast Pass you could get in line but now they expire and will not be honored.

5)   Have one person be in charge of the schedule for Fast Passes. This person makes note of when to be back at the ride with enough travel time.


Pregnancy Notes for Fast Passes

Pretty much all Fast Pass rides except Soarin’ Over California are off limits to us pregnant ones. So, one of the waiting choice is for you to waddle your way over to next area for Fast Passes which will give you something to do and allow you to wander around.

I didn’t even walk too far once my family got on Star Tours, I moseyed on over to Space Mountain and got some FPs there.


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