Paradise Pier



One of the number 1 questions I get about my Disney Vacations is: Is staying on site worth the cost?

I am highly biased because I’ve only stayed off site the night before I hit Disneyland. I always think it’s worth the cost. Yes, it’s an extra $400-$700 dollars for a 3-4 night stay.

I love never having the leave the magic. It’s a constant reminder of the amazing Disney service.
Reasons I enjoy staying at the Disney Resorts:

1- Each resort has a theme. For Paradise Pier, it’s a beach/surf theme. There are touches of that theme in the pillows (beach balls), lights (surf boards), carpets (bubbles), and Donald and Mickey photos.
2- Each resort has weekly activities scheduled like “Walk the Park Fitness” where you can actually take a speed walking tour of the park before it opens, I’ve never taken advantage of any of these but it’s neat to know that they are available. During the summer, they even had a class on folding towel animals!
3- They each have unique pools. The Disneyland Hotel has a monorail slide.
4- They each have a mini theatre for kids to watch some classic Mickey cartoons in.
5- They remember you! I had a rough time with the Goofy’s Kitchen and the guest services gentleman kept calling me by name and made sure the rest of my stay was great.



The amazing views! We could see the World of Color show every night from our room. We would watch the parks open up and see all the people ride the rides.IMG_0143_2

Most of all, they ask you if you are celebrating anything and they celebrate with you. Leia got a bunch of balloons at check in for her birthday. They make an effort to make your stay special. They can set you up with your character meals, park tickets, etc. all from the front desk. Every member of their staff makes you feel special.

IMG_3878We got rides on the little golf carts to the pool at another hotel. They took pictures of our family so that everyone could be in the picture. They tell you the best ways to get around the hotel. You get to ride the monorail into the park in the AM instead of waiting in the world’s longest security line. You can have all your souvenirs delivered right to your hotel. When we were in Orlando, they picked up our luggage and delivered them right to our rooms.

I couldn’t do Disney any other way. I might have to make the comparison. But, next time it’s going to be Disney LUXE! We are going to do the luxury Disney Vacay. We will be staying in the Grand Californian!

That’s the big time! AND I plan on eating at the Napa Rose whilst drinking an $80 bottle of wine (I can’t afford the $200 bottle because I barely paid for the Grand Californian).

-The hubby says it’s worth it because of proximity.
-The Iz says she likes the hotel because it’s like the beach. She said she wants to go back to the Disneyland Hotel because the wall lights up.

So, is it worth it? YES. I love the magic.
Can I justify the cost? Meh.
But, I don’t care because I love the hotels! So clean, so nice and so Disneyland!



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