The Penny Pinchers…. Not us.

I knew that with pin trading alone we would have lots to do but THEN….

We discovered…

IMG_3996The Pressed Penny Machines! It was actually by accident. I had to go to the bathroom for the 30th time that morning and there it was next to the Disneyland Hotel mini theatre.

Leia knew from her past experiences at zoos and Sea World what this machine was for and she lit up at the fact that it had one with a Mickey head.

IMG_3997You put a whopping .51 into the machine and out pops a crushed penny. I find that the dirty pennies make the best images. The shiny ones are way too new to see the picture.

All the “penny saver” blogs say that this is the way to go for cheap souvenirs BUT, if you are like me and no matter what you try, you can’t save the pennies up. It just becomes one more expense to try.

These penny machines are like when you get pregnant, you don’t see too many pregnant women until you are pregnant and then it’s like PREGNANCY CITY! (there were 3 pregnant women at tonight’s dinner… see I notice and we all went to the bathroom at the same time… it was like a pregnancy convention in the bathroom.)

We also found machines inside the Pirates gift shop and the frontier land shop.

It’s a fun little gift and collection, we had to buy one of those crushed penny folders too. So, now we have more things to do next time we go.




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