Priority Fast Passes in California Adventure


Prioritizing your Fast Passes is one of the key lessons to learn here in the new California Adventure. We got to the park about 8:30ish. 1 hour and 30 minutes after our Magic Morning when they open to resort guests an hour before the general public. In that 1 hour and 30 minutes, the line for Radiator Springs Racer grew and grew. More and more people picked up fast passes….

Here is the line just to get the Fast Passes.


Jasper reported that there was an actual person who inserted the tickets into the Fast Pass machines and handed them back to Jasper. They did this during the summer for Star Tours as well, my best guess is that in order to keep the wait short, they place Cast Members here to operate the machines because there is a technique for collecting the passes (your park ticket has to be barcode up).

By the time Jasper was able to get the Fast Passes, it was timed for 7PM! Holy Cow. That means that enough people picked up Fast Passes to book every time slot in 5 minute increments from 7AM-7PM. I’m pretty sure you could sell these for cash.

And here is another key lesson in Fast Passes, if we collected Soaring over California Fast Passes first, we would not be eligible for another set until after 11:10am. If the park closes at midnight, i’m pretty sure we would have be out of luck for Radiator Springs Fast Passes.

Now… was it worth it?

IMG_4134If you can read the number in the right wheel… 105 minutes for standby. That meant that you would be waiting for 1 hour and 45 minutes, all the while all the Fast Pass people are moving along past you. Jasper, Lisa and Izzy still had to wait for 30 minutes in the Fast Pass line but that saved us an hour and 15 minutes. There was also talk that the single rider line was just as quick as the Fast Pass line.



IMG_4440This is on Jasper’s must do list from here on out. So, it must be good. Leia also enjoyed it so it’s an all around winner.

Here’s the priority I would place on Fast Passes in California Adventure:

1) Radiator Springs
2) Tower of Terror (never been but I’m pretty sure I would want to do that second due to location and free fall adventure)
3) Soarin’ Over California
4) California Screamin’



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