Over-Thinking the Line: Toy Story Mania

Toy Story Mania was one of the rides that we didn’t try during the summer. It wasn’t a Fast Pass line and the line didn’t seem to be worth it at the time. Especially with all that heat radiating off the sidewalk.

This ride definitely had one of those deceptive lines that seems curl into itself and the next thing you know you are on the outside of the line again. Turns out there are courses that people can take to learn more about managing people in line. And here’s a little more information about waiting in lines: The Science of Waiting Lines. While in line for Toy Story, I kept an eye on the people around me. It’s my time killer. I like to listen to conversations and try to figure out what their mind is telling them.

I’m big on watching people work in large crowded situations. I try to think myself out of situations, but mostly I try not to let my emotions run my actions.

Outside of the long wait, I really enjoyed Toy Story Mania with a few nervous moments when I thought the quick turns in the ride could be bad for the baby. That’s when I started to get nervous, did all that jostling and twisting just knock my placenta loose? How would I know? That’s when as a pregnant mom, you just wished you had a see-through belly to see if all is right in there.


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