25 days and counting… Baby… SCHMAYBE.

We are finally within throwing distance of the our 3rd family Disneyland vacation! It’s time for a new set of blogs.

Here’s the specs:

Leaving Tucson on Thanksgiving morning.

Taking: My mom and our pop-pop, my sister Lisa and my family of 4

Eating: 3 Character Meals- Ariel’s Grotto, Minnie and Friends in the Park, Storyteller’s Cafe

Going: 1 park a day for 2 days

Staying: Disneyland Hotel 2 bedroom suite

New things we are going to try:
DCA: Ariel’s breakfast, Frozen Makeover, California Screaming, Tower of Terror, Animation Academy, Cozy Cones ice cream cones and dill pickle popcorn, Holiday World of Color, Mickey’s Wheel of Death stationary gondolas, Radiator Springs (for me)
Disneyland: Splash Mountain, Mark Twain’s boat, fried pickles, Monte Cristo sandwiches, Haunted Mansion

So excited! And now…. we are plus one AND she’s a toddler!!!



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