And the envelope please…

Yesterday, after a longer than usual day at school, I came home to the Disneyland travel envelope! The realness is starting to set in and I can’t wait to be there with my family.

10310682_10152509995086056_3110553069708722722_n 10354074_10152509995156056_55247690337962729_n

The documents come in a box and it comes with the following items:
The park tickets
A luggage tag
Vouchers for your hotel
A document with your confirmation numbers and final travel documents
A book of redemption coupons that include your voucher for a free lanyard and pin.


My favorite is the park tickets because that means that I don’t have to wait in the ticket line and then in line for getting into the park! The last time we had to wait to pick up our tickets at the ticket booth:
and I was so upset.  This time it’s smooth sailing right on inside.

Today, we also received our prepaid gift card which we will use in California Adventure.


And now we wait… for 20 days!


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  1. Pam P. says:

    Hi, I’m in the FB DA…just dropped by to say hello. We’ve never been to Disneyland since we live in FL – WDW for us. 🙂 Love seeing your pictures.

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