Pack Attack! Let’s do this

I always start packing with what we currently have in stock. I usually start setting aside all the Disney shirts and gear 2-3 weeks out so that they are washed and ready to go into the luggage. Some of the items going include The U of A Disney shirts that I made last time we went, my daughter and I will wear those on the trip there.

One of the best tips that I ever got for traveling actually came from Jon and Kate, “Dress the kids in clothes that mimic pajamas.” Make so much sense, maximum comfort and flexibility.

Then the last payday I had, I set aside some money to get pre-souviners from the Dollar Store:
Frozen handwriting book (for THE IZ as a road trip activity)
Mickey party favors for the lines
A Doc McStuffins notebook
Play pack with Sofia for the road trip
Cars and Minnie Mouse velvet coloring pages
Dumbo board book
Light up wands with multiple settings for the night parades
Princess treat boxes (I am totally excited for these because my hubby loves popcorn but sharing a container is always a struggle because everyone wants some, now the girls will each get a little Princess box for them to eat without sharing with anyone.)
Glow sticks
Compact washcloths

Things from Walgreen’s:
Snackees (these are smaller than the regular snackees and are Frozen characters. Perfect for the McDonald nuggets and fries.)
Mickey heart glow necklace for myself

Things from Thrift Stores:
A minnie outfit for $2 bucks!
Minnie Maiden ears for .50
The Princess Board book for the toddler to get signed

Non new things that we had around the house
Elf singing mic for the road trip
Mickey and Aurora Juice bottles (we just washed the juice bottles to reuse.
U of A mini purses to hold the pennies and quarters for pressing
Brita filtered water bottles

I’m also packing my picture frame mat for character signing, my Glow with the Show Ears and 1 more pair of ears but which ones? We purchased our trading pins about a month ago and my Disney Bounding outfits.

We still have a few more items to pick up by Wednesday.


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